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Change site colours

So you have access to your new CricHQ-Powered Website and want to update your name and logo? Great! You will need:

  • A CricHQ-Powered Website
  • Administration access to the website
  • To login to your CricHQ-Powered Website


What site colours can you update?

You can update 4 types of colours on your CricHQ-Powered Website. These are:

  • Main Site Colour, this is used in headers, links and main tab colours
  • Header Colour, this is used for the header menu
  • Navigation Bar Colour, this is used for the drop downs in the header menu
  • Footer Colour, this is used for the global footer


Updating a site colour

  1. Once logged into your site navigate to the 'Main Settings' page via the left hand menu
  2. Select your current colour inline with the type you want to update, this will be a hex colour(see below on finding a "hex colour")
  3. Update your site colour to what you require, only add the hex reference, not the #
  4. Select 'Save and Update"


Your site colour will now be updated.


Finding a hex color

A hex colour is a six digit reference for colours used to code colours on websites. You can find your hex colour on a site like this:

Once you have your hex colour use the 6 reference numbers and letters, ignoring the #, when updating your colour on the website.






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