Why is MVP not calculating correctly?

Have you noticed your match hasn't built MVP for some reason? Maybe the MVP tab doesn't show, the numbers are 0.0, or they just seem too low... Well here are the most likely causes.


1. The scorecard is missing crucial information

MVP will calculate as much as it can from the data entered, so most scorecards that meet the minimum criteria will build some MVP for players. However, to get your full MVP points both teams details and scorecard information will need to be entered. That includes balls for each batsman, wickets taken by each bowler, fall of wickets etc.


2. The match does not meet the minimum requirements for MVP to generate

The MVP calculation tries to allow is wide a ranging set of circumstances as possible. However, there are a few requirements a match must meet to build MVP. These are needed to ensure the MVP calculation fits within the data that was used to create it.

The requirements are:

  • The Match type must be greater than, or equal to, 5 overs in all innings.

  • At least one player must participate for each team.

  • No more than 10 wickets can fall in an innings for either team.


If you match fits within the restrictions above you should get MVP tables for your scorecards.

If you would like more information on the MVP calculation read more here: How does the MVP calculation work?

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    man man

    aring the article, and more importantly, your personal experience mindfully using our emotions as data about our inner state and knowing wh kodi en it’s better to de-escalate by taking a time out are great tools. Appreciate you reading and sharing your story sin

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    Frami Willy

    Same here - it's a scam since you can't seem to cancel ANYWHERE and there's no mention of membership krunker in the settings or the iTunes app on your phone.

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    t's those casks. You throw a cask in a team fight and get like 6-8 stuns without trying. My guess is that hitting a stun is weighed about the same for each hero. It doesn't help that multi-hero stuns are almost harder to not get with WD.

    Source: I've had a lot of pickled eyeballs.

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