How do I switch a team in an existing draw

Have you added the wrong team to a draw and now need to correct it? Just follow the below steps to update this in your draw.


1. Removing the old teams and adding the new

To do this login to and navigate to Admin > Competitions > Select your comp > Draws > Select your Draw > Teams.

In here you will need to select the drop down on your team and click remove team.

Then use the main drop down and select 'Add team', search for your new team, and submit.


Your correct team is now part of the draw and you old team has been removed.


2. Updating existing fixtures to have new teams

Now that your correct team is in the draw, you will need to use them in their fixtures. To do this go back to the "Fixtures" tab in your draw, and select any fixture this team needs to be part of. Using the drop downs for teams, select the new team and click update.


Your correct team is now in the fixture. Do this for all fixtures they are involved in.


3. Updating old matches to the new teams

Any existing matches scored would have used the old team. As our matches save a copy of the teams used for data integrity, they can not be transferred to the new teams. You will need to re-enter new full scorecards, with the new teams, in order to get the correct stats displaying on these teams profiles etc.

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