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Product Update Newsletter January 2017


Become a world-class cricket organisation, 

go digital today

It's been an exciting start to the year with a new suite of CricHQ tools announced to take you cricket club, league or association to the next level. Become a world class cricket organisation with CricHQ-Powered Websites, and keep in touch with your community using our new CRM and communication tools.



CricHQ-Powered Websites


We are excited to announce the latest game changer for cricket. CricHQ-Powered Websites give all clubs, leagues, and organisations their own online portal. Your clubs, your news, your cricket. The best part? It is all driven by the same platform you already know and love!


CricHQ CRM: designed for cricket


There are plenty of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions available for business, sales, or finance. They cover everything from storing contact information, specialised reporting, and mass communication. However, they don't quite fit what cricket clubs and leagues really need. Now there is a CRM solution designed for you; CricHQ CRM and Reporting.


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Need help getting to know CricHQ? Then follow @CricHQ_Support on Twitter. Get the latest product updates, best practice guides, and case studies. We also provide service announcements, and you will have the chance to chat with our product experts.


 Shout out to our fans 

Some great stats you can get from our site a must for teams looking to improve. Awesome tastic! Future of cricket right here.


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