Sending emails to your players

If you have purchased our CRM and Reporting upgrade, you will now be able to get in touch with your player and member database, for all clubs you manage, and all those involved with your organisation. 

To do this make sure you have defined what your clubs to report and communicate with are. For more information on how to do this see the following user guide: 

Defining What You Are Reporting On


Now that you have your clubs sorted let's start emailing your player database. To do this;

1. Navigate to contact management under you org

To do this login to and navigate to Admin > Organisations > [select your organisation] > CRM > Contact Management


2. Choose your player filters

We can allow you to contact only certain segments of your player community. To do this select the specific filters matching the player criteria you want. Once you have them click "Search Players and Email".

Don't worry! This won't accidentally email them. We will now provide you a total number of players you will contact under these filters, and give you a space to write your own email in.


3. Write out your email and send!

All that is left to do now is complete your email subject and type out your message.

Two important tips:

  1. Do not add an intro like "Hello John", we automatically place a "Hi [player-name] for you
  2. Do not add an outro like "Kind regards, Rachel", we automatically place a "Kind regards, [your-user-name] for you
  3. Don't worry about duplicates, as we automatically deduplicate any player emails so each person only receives your message once

Once your message is complete hit submit. Your email will then be processed and sent out to your players. 

It will look something like the below.

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