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Defining what you are reporting on

If you have purchased our CRM and Reporting upgrade, you will now be able to get in-depth insights into your player and member database, for all clubs you manage, and all those involved with your organisation. First we need to define what you want to report on. 


Organisation members

Organisation members are the key staff and participants involved with your running your tournament, administering results, or officiating the game. They are added to your organisation under the Participants tab. 

The great news is, these members will already be covered in your reporting, as the reporting is linked to your organisation.


Club members

Club members are the players, staff and participants involved at club(or team) level in your region. These are crucial parts of your cricket community that you can report on. 

However, to start reporting on these, we need you to tell us which clubs your want to report on. It is easy to update which clubs you are reporting on via the Clubs tab under your organisation. Start registering the clubs your manage in this section and receive all the benefits of database reporting for your clubs.

There are plenty of other benefits too:

  • Clubs will get their own database reporting tools
  • Clubs become verified by your organisation
  • Clubs will show higher in search rankings and receive an official badge

So get started by adding your clubs now. For more information on adding clubs to your reports, or removing clubs you no longer wish to report on, see the links below.

Adding clubs to your reporting

Removing clubs from your reporting

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