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Adding social networks

So you have access to your new CricHQ-Powered Website and want to update your social feeds? Great! You will need:

  • A CricHQ-Powered Website
  • Administration access to the website
  • To login to your CricHQ-Powered Website


What social feeds can I add?

With a CricHQ-Powered website you can update 4 social accounts:

  1. Facebook (this must be a Page, not a personal account)
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Youtube


Where will these social feeds appear?

All four of the social network feeds will appear as handy links at the bottom of your site like the below.


Your Facebook and Twitter accounts will display live feeds on your home page to the right of your news articles.2017-03-03_1632.png


How do I add a social feed?

  1. Once logged into your site navigate to the 'Main Settings' page via the left hand menu
  2. Select the option inline with the title 'Facebook', 'Twitter' etc.
  3. Type in your user handle or the name of your page. You do not need to add the entire URL
  4. Select 'Save and Update"


Your site social networks will now be updated. This will reflect on the footer of every page of your website, and in the feeds of your homepage if applicable.

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