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Adding clubs to your reporting

To add clubs to your reporting, you will need to register them to your organisation. This is really simple by following the steps below.


1. Navigate to your organisation in Admin

To manage this information you will need to be in the Admin section of CricHQ. To do this navigate through Admin > Organisations > [select your organisation]

You should end up on a screen like the below.


2. Find your registered clubs section

Now that your have found your organisation in Admin, select the Clubs tab, and make sure you are on the Registered Clubs section.


3. Start adding clubs

Select Add Club and, using the search box, find and add each of your clubs. Once all are added you will now have a list of "Registered Clubs" available under your organisation.

Reports you pull will now include all of the clubs selected. Keep in mind it can take up to 24 hours for new clubs to be indexed in your reports.

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