Total Cricket Scorer v8

New Features and Enhancements

  • Improved graphical appearance
  • New menu item off Data to download live and old matches from TCS server (after
  • Improved validating innings on exiting edit balls
  • Match type changing in game to include subs so may not have been able to update additional players
  • Match type changing to allow reduction in innings as long as no balls bowled in 3rd innings
  • Added to edit balls, over and ball detail, ability to change bowlers for individual balls when injured.
  • Allow wickets to be changed in edit balls including retired to a wicket etc.
  • Added Edit Teams so if selected wrong team can now change.
  • Added balls left to required bit in status bar when limited overs
  • Added to "inplay" live feed additional text which for limited overs games shows overs remaining in first innings and required and overs + balls in last.
  • Previous Match type selected on new match retained.
  • Default club set in open match used as default to new match.
  • Previous default team selected on new match if from default club.
  • 4s and 6s added to bowling scorecard view
  • 4s and 6s added to bowling scorecard report
  • Dots added to batting stats
  • Dots, 4s and 6s added to bowling stats
  • Default club to one set in open match for stats
  • Dots added to batsman scorecard only view
  • Dots, fours, sixes added to bowlers scorecard only view
  • Bowlers spells report added new spell if close of play occurs
  • Bowlers spells added 4s, 6s, dots and bowlers end
  • Bowler spell pop up
  • Bowler completed overs popup when limited overs game
  • New match team selection, added new button to get players from last known match
  • Added club logo to stats when club selected
  • Dots added to power play report
  • Fours, sixes and dots added to runs per over view
  • Fours, sixes and dots added to runs per over view report
  • Runs per over report including cumulative total row
  • Email short report via settings can include match file, score sheet, scorecard and use match title in subject box
  • Allow resizing of the statistics view
  • Local Penalty runs value dialog added for local rule against batting or bowling side
  • Ball time added to ball data report
  • Ball time added to ball notes report
  • Added twitter names to player details
  • Tweet landmarks for batsman and bowlers and include twitter names when selected on options
  • Partnership stats, click on wicket to see all partnerships for that wicket
  • Clear scoreboard at end of innings option added to general settings
  • Option to insert over after last over bowled if innings completed via edit balls and not a wicket.
  • Option to delete the last over bowled if innings completed via edit balls
  • Wagon Wheel Boundary line in blue and black if colours off for printing
  • Wagon Wheel 30 yard circle added with option to turn off in settings (off by default) white or black if colours off in printing
  • Match description page added days, players, subs and power plays(if on)
  • Power Play popup at start of innings to remind scorer
  • Bowlers detail reports including segment WW (reordered so LV is last)
  • Bowlers detail reports with optional LV in settings that by default is off as rarely used
  • Allow Batting and bowling stats to change display fields
  • MVP with option to show club name in reports
  • Stats for individual players to include wagon wheel segment view
  • Print batsman and bowlers details and return to selection dialog
  • Show an over line above detailed analysis when a run out occurs
  • For multi day games include close of play, overs and batsmen scores at close of play on scorecard report
  • Edit balls include non-strikers in batsman runs list even if didn’t face a ball
  • Improved overs display when no extra ball flag set for wides or noballs
  • Ability to define a different no ball and wide value for the last over of a limited over match
  • Points added to match type for automatic updating



  • Llosing partnership view after match type change. (incr innings)
  • Undo to previous innings required 2 undos showing openers dialog twice.
  • Downloading a live match and north end for wagon wheel
  • Update Captain and keeper via edit match players when none selected (import bug from iPad)
  • Importing a match with retired players setting wrong wicket and losing last partnerships
  • Editing match players and adding a completely new player then reodering did nothing
  • Bowling stats with game type and summary match type showed the match field as all matches not summary
  • If not warning on new bowler at end of over scoreboard view was not updated
  • Last wicket value added to limited overs screen
  • Editing match players and not updating squad numbers (if on) when replacing or adding a player
  • Losing wagon weel data when scoring with score dialogs but using the wagon wheel dialog to enter data
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