How do I connect to a Daktronics All Sport 5000 to TCS?

Below are the steps to configure TCS to control a Daktronics scoreboard from TCS. This assumes that you have a TCS Daktronics scoreboard licence installed on TCS, your scoreboard is switched on and successfully works from the All Sport 5000 controller.

1. Ensure the laptop is switched on

2. Connect the cable to the laptop and the All Sport 5000 controller

3. Write down the COM Port number that Windows allocated to the USB serial cable you have just plugged into the PC. You can find this out by opening device manager ('How to' link here) and looking at the connected ports as below:

4. Switch on the All Sport 5000 controller and enter game code 5900

5. Run TCS on the laptop

6. Go to the scoreboard settings (Tools menu, settings button within the scoreboard group) and ensure that the settings are as below, except that the Com Port number is the one recorded in step 3

7. When the settings are correct click on OK to confirm

8. Close TCS

9. Run TCS again

10. Open a match and the scoreboard should update. Score a few balls to ensure the totals update correctly

11. If the scoreboard doesn't update then go back to step 3 and confirm the Com Port and other settings are correct

Note: Windows allocates Com Ports to USB Serial cables when they are plugged in. If you unplug and reconnect the cable you may have to check the Com Port using step 3 and change the settings in TCS again.

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