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How do I add TCS Live Widgets to Play-cricket?

Update: March 2017 -  for information on upcoming changes to CricHQ/TCS and Play Cricket integration please view our FAQs here.

The latest Play-Cricket site allows you to add HTML widgets. If you already have the TCS widget you will see it is not showing the latest score. If you go to your admin page and site builder in Play-Cricket you can select this widget. If you then click on the html button you can add the correct HTML code. This can be found at . Here there are numerous widgets available, the one that resembles the old one is club scores widget. Generate the html for your club and paste this into the Play-Cricket TCS widget.

If you are administering a league site you can add a widget showing all the latest league scores.

The Play-Cricket site will allow you to add many widgets and you can even create a menu item showing the latest TCS scores that are of interest to you.

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