IOS 7.1.0 (10 JUL 2017)

Release notes for CricHQ 7.1.0 for iOS.
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  • Retire Hurt and Out Toggles Inconsistent
  • Logging in and out loses permission on grounds associated with an organisation.
  • Creating a club creates two clubs - visual error(temporary)
  • Lost entities after change user login in same device
  • Loading app with existing login session while no internet show first time login screen
  • Navigation issue while choosing an Official name
  • Two match id generated for matches scored from iOS
  • Edit club/team not updated
  • App crash - When invalid values are entered in Duckworth Lewis calculator
  • iOS App Newsfeed Issue
  • Replace unsure player - Application crashes
  • Match Delays and Scheduled Breaks are not shown in the web under match notes
  • DL Calculator - In summary screen, Overs lost is shown as 0.0 for both innings on first time
  • Extra Fabric debugging keys to help fix crashes
  • "Newsfeed looking empty" screen is displayed if there is no internet connection and never loads when internet is back
  • Follow on (F/O) displayed wrongly in scorecard
  • The 'Players Selected' count is incorrect after replacing an Unsure player
  • Incorrect over display in live match.
  • Match not building despite completing uploads (iOS match)
  • Scorecard and Analysis - RPO Graph is not displaying the results correctly
  • Broadcasting Image with text - Text appears and disappears on refreshing
  • Offical page is not updating with the new official (Update + Navigation Issue)
  • Keypad doesn't come up automatically on the broadcast screen when user cancels an operation such as capturing image or video.
  • App crashes if using a new player
  • Find matches always loaded 'resulted' first time
  • Complete text not appearing on the news feed page
  • Date header wrong for fixture list
  • Cancelling wicket causes app to stop scoring
  • Selecting Duckworth Lewis graph causes app to crash
  • Clicking between 'In Progress' and 'Results' does not remember search term
  • App Crash: On disconnecting the camera
  • Can't log out of the App
  • News Feed becomes empty
  • Quickscore getting cut off when the match has ended
  • Cumulative Graph shows incorrect no. of overs
  • Commentary not available for matches scored offline
  • App Crash: Selecting Toss details
  • Match report sharing exposes email addresses
  • Viewing match continually requests user password.
  • Cannot create a match offline as google map does not work
  • Empty News Feed page appears just before the News Feeds
  • Can't create a match in offline mode
  • App shows incorrect number of players selected
  • Deleting a player on web doesn't delete it on the app
  • Deleting match type on web doesn't delete it on the app
  • Players created offline are not present on the web
  • App Crash: Editing a team without having admin access
  • Duplicate ground is getting created
  • Match type is not present on the app
  • Sound from the video ad playing in the background
  • Pre-roll ads: Replaying the same video to skip the ad
  • Pre-roll ads: Playing another video to skip the ad
  • Ad pauses when the app is closed and reopened
  • Pre-roll ads: Navigating to Live score/Highlights
  • New Updates message is popping up
  • Skipping the ad and replaying the same video
  • Entities disappearing off matches after logging out and in
  • App Crash when changing team captain
  • Crash when viewing DLS Tables
  • App Crash: Selecting batsman in 2nd Innings
  • Upload match UI blocking
  • Previous match score is getting displayed at the start of a new match
  • Retire Batsman wording wrong
  • Can not score 4th innings if won on 3rd innings


  • Manual refresh not available in Admin area
  • Empty space at the bottom of notification page in iPads
  • Join Screen - Keyboard hiding Join button
  • Move admin out of tabs
  • Move account out of tabs
  • Improve upload and download size
  • Improve speed of networking
  • Make sure entity screens update when clicked on
  • Match Viewing - Replace 'Scorecard' text with image
  • "Country" match filter should be renamed as "Location"
  • Add "View Match" on pin view pop up
  • Allow filtering by matches with video
  • Get players, teams and clubs to update in the bg
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