iOS 6.4.0 (20 Dec 2016)

We are making cricket EVEN better with the following improvements
  • NEW Push Notifications - never miss another ball of the players you follow
  • Reduced app size
  • Improved Play Cricket support
  • Enhanced scoring & commentary
  • Bug fixes to keep you viewing the cricket you love
Download the update today!: CricHQ - App Store
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Detailed release notes:

Bug fixes

  • Scoring above the over cap in the last over of a match will cause the total to be incorrect for the uploaded scorecard.
  • Duplicate new entity display issue
  • Error when looking up external entities for PlayCricket
  • Get Powerplay maximum values from match type.
  • News Feed - Broadcasted video played when remove cross button is selected
  • Incomplete view of fall of wickets
  • Batsman name displayed in commentary when scheduled break/match delay is given
  • Match Delay and Scheduled Break not shown in the Scorecard
  • Number of wickets not displayed for first innings in the Match Analysis in cases of all out
  • News feed - Text Broadcast - Last line is not displayed
  • Reset innings - Batting and bowling team not displayed correctly according to the toss
  • Added a break or delay shows a loading spinner that you can’t escape from
  • Unable to continue scoring the active match
  • Share Link in newsfeed - URL gets truncated after hash(#)
  • Match status wrong when Reset Innings is used
  • Commentary not updating when we change the wicket keeper for a stumped wicket.
  • News feed - New posts not updated in news feed for a new user
  • D/L calculator - Adjusted score/Revised score is not correctly displayed in the main page for the first time
  • Play Cricket loading fixes
  • Match paused icon is missing in match view page.
  • Cannot continue scoring if the team batting in the fourth innings has already won the match but wants to continue scoring the fourth innings
  • Weather Display Error
  • End Innings Crash
  • App crash - When 'All out' is selected from end innings page.
  • Engine Action Wicket GetCommentary crash
  • Team name and club name getting interchanged in the scorecard
  • Add ball after/before not working properly for Sixes and fours


  • Add Headers to Match Service and Feed
  • Display the cric-engine version in the app
  • Thin App size for download and install
  • CricHQ Notifications
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