How do I create subscriptions?

To create a subscription for your players you will need to:


To create and connect a Stripe Connect account you will need to;

  1. Navigate to Admin > Clubs > [select your club] > Players > Club Subs
  2. If you have already connected an account you can skip to the next section, else click “Connect with Stripe”
  3. You will be taken to a Stripe Connect page where you can register your organisation with an account. This will create an account that can be used to manage your subscriptions, received payments, refunds and much more. (Tip, if you don’t have a website, use your CricHQ Club profile as your website on Stripe.)
  4. Once complete you will be returned to your club and can continue to the next step


To setup a new subscription for your players:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Clubs > [select your club] > Players > Club Subs
  2. Click ‘New Subscription’
  3. Enter a name for the subscription based on how you would like to split your subscriptions. This could be Senior, or Senior Premier, or even Senior with Club Shirt. It is all up to you and you can create as many as you require. Just remember to name it in a way your club members will understand when coming to select which one to pay for.
  4. Enter a description so you can confirm what is provided with this subscription
  5. Enter the total cost of this subscription, once created you can not change the price of a subscription. You will need to archive a subscription and create a new one to change the price.
  6. Enter the season that this subscription applies to
  7. Click ‘Create’ and you are done.
  8. Make sure to add all possible subscriptions for all levels this season before opening your registrations. Players will be required to select a subscription so make sure the correct one is available to them.


You can now open your registrations and have players register and process their payments online.

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