AND 6.5.2 (20 Dec 2016)

We are making cricket EVEN better with the following improvements
  • We’ve made our app EVEN faster with improved load times
  • A tabbed scorecard and refined graphs provide a new twist on an old friend
  • Get more of what you love with fewer ads
  • Bug fixes to keep you viewing the cricket you love
Download the update today!: CricHQ - Play Store
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Detailed release notes:

Bug fixes

  • App Crashes on selecting player's participated match from notifications
  • Matches edited from website not updated when opened via notifications
  • Match Delay and Scheduled Break not shown in the Scorecard
  • Crash when viewing PM/WW of a match when a schedule break is given after a wicket
  • Back press on scorecard profile leaving application
  • Over not being scored correctly when replacing bowlers after batsman retires
  • Login screen displayed again after 'logged in' to the app
  • Login page - App back button needs to be locked after selecting log in
  • Scoring - Selected player deselected when a new player is added to the team
  • Share Link in newsfeed - URL gets truncated after hash(#)
  • Login page - Back button is not working after a validation error
  • Selected substitute fielder not cleared when 'caught by keeper' is disabled
  • Match centre filter not restoring correctly
  • App crash - When a live match is selected from widget where the user is logged out from app
  • Widget is not responding when app is installed freshly
  • Powerplays duplicated under match notes
  • Login screen password toggle not shown
  • Join screen password toggle not shown
  • Register notifications 401 not asking for password
  • App crash - When Manhattan/Run worm/RPO graph is selected without selecting toss
  • Innings get swapped when opening the match from notifications
  • App Crash - On selecting Team Details in the Match Information page
  • Match type creation - Overs in second innings are not getting stored
  • Team deleted from website still shown in the app
  • Edit stumped wicket by switching batsman - Wicket keeper name duplicates
  • Overs fraction is wrongly displayed in the scorecard
  • Won by D/L method is not shown in result string in the web


  • Load time improvements for scorecard, actions, edit, settings
  • Adjust Graphs and WWPM to use specialised data from CE
  • Wait for entity downloads before updating match view interface
  • Speed improvements for entity storage
  • Remove private player notes
  • Adjust how "not-started" matches are saved
  • Improve match load speed (Json parsing club teams/players)
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