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TCS 9.0.07 (10 My 2017)

The main updates in this release are:

  • Fix match types not being imported correctly from fixtures.
  • Repair broken match types on import.
  • For newly imported matches, wides/no balls will no longer have issues in the 2nd innings and the innings will end correctly.
  • Add a reset layout option. This will repair any broken drop down boxes, missing UI text and remove the empty pane window "Styles".
  • Fix manual scorecard's needing a bowler when a batter's "how out" is set as "not out".
  • No longer need to run the application as admin when entering the registration key or saving scoreboard settings.
  • Fix Windows version reporting on Windows 10 machines.
  • Reduce installer size for downloads


Download the update today!: Click here to download Total Cricket Scorer V9

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