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TCS 9.0.06 (27 Apr 2017)

The main updates in this release were:

  • Fix TCS installer not running when .NET 4.5 or higher is installed.
  • Fix timed out, hit the ball twice, obstructing the field wickets on manual scorecard. They will no longer require a bowler.
  • Improved manual scorecard. It will warn if you have selected a fielder for a non fielding wicket.
  • Improved manual scorecard. It will warn if you don't select a fielder for a fielding wicket.
  • Fix installer. The Installer will no longer run on XP which would inevitably fail.
  • Fix setting wrong application version headers to the server.
  • Fix scoreboard popping up errors that it can't save its XML.
  • Remove unneeded libraries (shrink download size).
  • Fix non-fixture matches not setting the maximum overs.
  • Fix installer that was failing to install. The installer will now install even if the Visual C++ Redistributable is corrupted.

Read the support page to fix the redistributable:


Download the update today!: Click here to download Total Cricket Scorer V9

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